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Integrated Solid Waste Management Under Global Warming

Xianlai Zeng, Qina Sun, Baoquan Huo, Hongfen Wan, Changyong Jing

Global warming is the hottest global concern, and may be one of the greatest threats facing the world. Attention to global warming has been paid in recent 30 years, and become stronger with advent of post-Kyoto era. On the other hand, increasing solid waste from rapid urbanization and economic growth has plagued the government for a long time. Conventional integrated solid waste management led to greenhouse gases emission during the life cycle of solid waste, contributing to global warming. Concern for the environment and future generations is leading us to shift the focus from waste management to resource management. So a new hierarchy of integrated solid waste management is also addressed in detail, which will lead to idea switching on manufacturing enterprises and managing government.

June 22, 2010

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